6 Unconventional Steps for Choosing the Right Project Topic — iprojectblog

2. Analyze Previous Topics

Previous project topics and materials are significant areas to explore when researching the right topic for your project. Analyzing past project materials is crucial for two simple reasons. Firstly, it minimizes your research process by allowing you to choose from an already validated and vetted topic, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel which is a long route. Secondly, the topics selected from past project works have a high likelihood of been chosen by your project supervisor because they are familiar with them.

3. Scrutiny your Chosen Topic

After carefully following the first two steps, you must have gotten up to four topics to start with. It’s time to scrutinize your topic for validation and vetting. This step is one of the essential steps in this process because the outcomes of this stage are what you’ll likely research on.

4. Consult your Supervisor

One of the main reasons a supervisor is attached to every project student is to direct, support, and supervise the entire research process for optimal research performance. Even after engaging multiple methods in choosing a project topic, you must seek your supervisor’s opinion on your chosen topic before proceeding with it. Some institutions empower the project supervisor with an exclusive right to accept or decline a topic without question, so involving them in the process with save you several hours of repeat work.

5. Explore Relevant Literatures

At this point, you’ll likely be left with about 2 to 3 possible project topics to work on. It’s time to dive even more into research. The essence of this stage is to enable you to narrow down your project topic to one, so as to kick off the primary project research process.

6. Validate and Begin your Research

Congratulations on reaching this stage!



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